Yavuz Ottoman Sultan Selim, Conquerer of the new Shiite Persia

Yavuz Sultan Selim, B. 1465-D.1520. Selim the Grim, Conquerer of the new Shiite Persia, under Ismael al Safawi, at the battle of Chaldiron. Defeated Qansuah al-Ghori, the Mamluk Sultan at Marg-Dabiq north of Aleppo, occupying Syria in 1516, and a year later occupied Egypt and executated the last Mamluk Sultan Tuman Bey in 1517. Became the first Ottoman Khalif, with the title of Hami al Haramin Al-Sharifain (Protector of the two Holy cities; Mecca and Medina), a title reserved today by the kings of Saudi Arabia.