Sheikh Khaz’al ibn Jabir palace and music band 1909

Sheikh Khaz’al ibn Jabir palace and music band on post card mailed 23 Jan. 1909 from Bader Abbas.The Sheikh belonged to the Beni Ka’ab Arab tribe in the Ahwaz region along the Persian Gulf, friend of the British prior to WW1, was placed under house arrest in Tehran in 1925, when the Pahlevi dynasty forces occupied the region. the Ahwaz name was Persinized to Khuzistan, and in 1930 Sheikh Khaza’al’s Capital Mohammerah was changed to Khurramshahr. Sheikh Khaza’al at some point was considered strong candidate for the throne of Iraq was passed over, by King Faisal I. He died in Tehran while under house arrest, betrayed by his old friends, the British.

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